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Investing in Excellence

USC’s development has been guided by a series of successful visionary plans that have set the course for the university’s future. In this tradition, USC is currently implementing its newest strategic vision, adopted at the start of this Campaign and shaped by all university constituencies. By linking the academic vision and Campaign planning process, we have ensured that gifts generated by the Campaign move the university forward with purpose and support the most up-to-date university priorities.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence across the university and strengthening all of our programs and enterprises so they can fulfill their potential. We also recognize the value of making strategic investments where USC is uniquely positioned to make significant advances and contributions to society.

Enriching the Undergraduate Experience

USC has long been renowned for its deep commitment to finding new ways to get students thinking about and interacting with the world. And because the undergraduate years are a time of great personal and intellectual discovery, we have continued … Continue reading

Strengthening Graduate Programs

By virtue of their achievements and influence, excellent faculty help draw the best graduate students to USC, particularly those pursuing Ph.D. degrees. In turn, top graduate students are imperative for attracting the most distinguished faculty to the university, as well … Continue reading

Discovering Solutions through the Social Sciences

Today’s most urgent problems— such as energy and the environment, affordable health care, national security, world hunger, and social inequity—will not be solved by experts working within a single discipline. Rather, these issues require the insights of USC scholars from … Continue reading

Transforming Human Health

A commitment to human health and well-being has been embedded in USC’s character since the founding of our medical school in 1885. The establishment of the Ostrow School of Dentistry in 1897 and the School of Pharmacy in 1905 extended … Continue reading

Fostering the Arts and Humanities

Fundamental to a comprehensive education and foundational to a civil society, the arts and humanities have been an essential part of university life since USC’s inception. Not surprisingly, we have attracted some of the most eminent faculty and produced some … Continue reading

Exploring the Intersections of Technology and Communication

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming human expression, creativity, communication, social interaction, research, education, and political and economic structures. With broad expertise in technology and communication, USC has the potential to revolutionize the way students are educated; spark a new era … Continue reading

Engaging with the Local Community

As the oldest research university in Southern California, USC has been inextricably bound to the community it serves for more than a century. We have educated countless generations of civic, business, and professional leaders, providing a young and growing city … Continue reading

Extending Global Connections and Impact

In 1922, USC hosted a Pan-American Conference on Education, the first of its kind at a U.S. institution. While international students had been enrolled at USC since the 1880s, the conference was an outright declaration of our global ideals and … Continue reading

Creating the Environment for Excellence

USC’s faculty and students thrive in settings that foster intellectual exchange, discovery, innovation, imagination, and artistic expression. Similarly, USC physicians and caregivers do their best work when supported by facilities and equipment that allow them to dedicate themselves to improving … Continue reading