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President’s Message

Dear fellow Trojans and friends of USC:

The University of Southern California stands at a historic moment—a time of great opportunity, unbounded optimism, and infinite possibility. As Trojans, we share a passion for our extraordinary university and the great journey we are taking together.

Today, USC is in a unique position. We have an opportunity to take another significant leap forward and expand the university’s impact at an unprecedented rate and in a short period of time. To achieve our goal, we are embarking on the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the history of USC. Our goal is to raise $6 billion—half will augment our endowment to provide support for faculty and students and half will provide immediate support for capital projects, infrastructure, and academic priorities.

While we have achieved a great deal, there is much more to do as we march toward our lofty goal. Let us move forward with passion, but also with purpose. And most of all, let us be mindful of why we are supporting our beloved university. I believe the energy of this campaign will firmly establish USC among the pantheon of world-class universities. By reaching this academic summit, our voice will be heard, our ideas will be received, and the impact of our contributions to society will be fully realized.

USC has grown and flourished because of the pioneering spirit that made this university and its hometown of Los Angeles a destination for explorers and dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs. They were carried here by ambition and courage, and they found success because they were faithful, scholarly, and skillful. These characteristics are inscribed on the base of USC’s most iconic figure, the statue of Tommy Trojan.

Also inscribed there, in Latin and English, are these words from Virgil’s Aeneid: Fas Regna Trojae—the Destined Reign of Troy. There, at the center of our beautiful campus, we have etched our goals, which continue to inspire us today. USC was built by the entire Trojan Family—idea by idea, brick by brick, achievement by achievement, gift by gift, generation after generation. As Trojans, we have a duty to do our part to make these words a reality.

I invite you to join us on this epic journey. As you explore this Web site, I hope you will consider becoming an active participant in shaping USC’s future and think about the positive impact you can make through USC. The future is ours to create. Let us write the most glorious chapter ever for the University of Southern California.

Fight On!

C. L. Nikias

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